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Yamaha Indonesia (A): Positioning and Launching Automatic Motorcycles in Indonesia

By Hooi Den Huan & Nigel Goodwin

Publisher Ref No: ABCC-2006-007A Pub/Rev Date: 2006
Industry: Automobile & Automotive Case Length: 16 pages
Teaching Note Ref: ABCC-2006-007A(TN) Teaching Note: 14 pages
Organisation: Yamaha Motor Period Covered: 2002 - 2004
Country: Indonesia Level: Undergraduate/
Publisher: The Asian Business Case Centre, Nanyang Technological University


This case study examines the product positioning, branding, launching and marketing campaigns for the first two automatic motorcycle models available in Indonesia. In 2002, Yamaha Indonesia launched the first model, Nouvo, but the initial sales were disappointing. In mid-2003, extensive consumer research was conducted and a twofold strategy for the future of Yamaha's automatic motorcycles was developed. First, the company would reposition and relaunch Nouvo as a tough, powerful and practical motorcycle for men later that year. Second, the company would launch another automatic motorcycle, Mio, and position it as a fun and trendy motorcycle for women in early 2004. This case examines the lessons learnt from the initial Nouvo campaign and challenges students to develop strategies and tactics for the dual Nouvo and Mio offering. It examines a range of issues in marketing, advertising, promotion, brand management, channel management, new market development and international marketing, as well as competitive strategy.

Instructors may wish to follow this case with "Yamaha Indonesia (B): Nouvo and Mio Market Position". The latter case explains what the company actually did and examines the results. It also describes Yamaha Indonesia's market position in 2005 and introduces competitive challenges that would affect the market in 2006 and beyond.

Issues: Understanding the local consumer market. Launching a new and innovative consumer product for an untapped market segment. Recovering from a previous and unsuccessful product launch.

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